What we learnt at Madex 2017 – Part 2

Madex 2017 was the first exhibition I worked on by myself without the operations director to guide me, or one of my operations colleagues assisting me. I felt the pressure throughout. I had to prove to myself that I could do this, and I did.

I must say working with creatives is not easy. Their responses are usually delayed (especially when it had anything to do with admin!) But, I managed to take a bit of their creativity away with me, and by the end of the exhibition I noticed that my colour coordination had really improved for one!

I also became a better team player because I was dependent on my team members’ input throughout the exhibition; my communication skills improved as well. I became more efficient and confident; I think maybe it’s because I was around so many marketing gurus! They have a really confident swag and look about them.

I learnt how to be patient, really patient, especially with people. The colourful exciting vibe I walked into daily at Madex made the pressure all worth it.  Working with different characters on this exhibition improved my problem solving skills; I can even handle my crazy kids better at home!  This was not my first exhibition but it was the first one that let me be myself on a personal and professional level.

I grew as an individual this is one success and achievement I will carry with me for a long time. I still get a high from the adrenaline, pressure and successes of Madex 2017. Madex 2018 is going to be even better!

~Botsane Phetla, Client Services

Botsane Phetla – Client Services

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Interested in finding out more about Madex, check out our website – www.madex.co.za

What we learnt at Madex 2017: Part 1

Madex 2017 was the first edition of the ultimate marketing, advertising, design, social media, eventing and all that good stuff expo. It had to tick many boxes and jump through a lot of hoops to go live, but in the end our team was able to pull it off.

That very same team is already working hard on the 2018 edition, and hoping to tick a few more boxes where we could perhaps improve on last year. As is customary in January, we all look both forwards and backwards. Our team wanted to share what we learnt from working on Madex 2017.

Madex was a challenge to our team, it took a life of its own. We made mistakes, we fumbled while we found our feet and we were forced outside of our boxes.

Here is what I learnt at Madex:

  1. There is always room for improvement, we can always do better and we need to carry on with the pursuit of greatness!
  2. Our visitors are the best sounding boards providing crucial feedback about if we have hit the mark… or missed it!
  3. Exhibitor innovation is the key to our own innovation – by tapping into theirs, we were able to forge our own.
  4. If content is king, delivering on exhibitor and visitor expectations is queen

~ Nick Sarnadas, the Event Director

Nick Sarnadas - the Event Director
Nick Sarnadas – the Event Director


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Interested in finding out more about Madex, check out our website – www.madex.co.za

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