Who should visit Propak Cape 2017

Mix with these industry experts & decision makers

Packaging today is more than a means to transport your goods; it is also a tool to promote, display, sell & make your product readily-available to your target market.

One should not overlook the importance of packaging, branding nor how the type of packaging, labelling or materials influence the decision to purchase.

With that in mind the spectrum of who should visit Propak Cape 2017 is actually quite broad. In fact, we feature something for everyone.

  • This is an industry that has evolved beyond the packaging manager & now includes marketing decision-makers to quality control managers.
  • Propak Cape 2017 also looks at packaging for the Pharmaceutical Industry with its exacting standards, personal-care products for mass market appeal & is of interest to everyone involved in the latest advancements in printing, labelling, plastics & all things packaging.

With that in mind you should visit Propak Cape 2017 if you are:

Directors, Owners & Managers

As a director or business owner; with any product to ship or sell you simply cannot afford to miss Propak Cape 2017. Not only is this your best shot in three-years to improve your packaging & labelling processes; it is also an opportunity to streamline your packaging systems to improve productivity & profitability.

You owe it to your business to be here. Register here online for free entrance to the expo!


Production Managers & Packaging/Processing teams

When considering how best to improve production or food processing outputs, while offering staff the best available tools to achieve ongoing targets – your job as a production manager or food processing manager will be made easier at Propak Cape 2017.

Having the ability to see all the latest industry production equipment under a single roof either displayed or through live demonstrations, plus the opportunity to speak to technical experts on the stands ; makes decisions for recommended future growth more tangible.

This opportunity should be encouraged by senior management & perhaps they should even invest in a day at Propak Cape 2017 with you!


Food Scientists

Packaging & food processing go hand-in-hand with ensuring food products meet industry regulations & also high consumer standards. Variable packaging options will play a role in maintaining nutritional value through the food processing & transport chain & to the table – so implementing new processes to ensure healthy food is made possible by Propak Cape 2017 which extends to the Wine & Olive Oil Production Expo co-locating with Propak Cape 2017.


Sales & Marketing

Far beyond the brow-packaging-box; the sales & marketing teams will need to know just how far they can push their labelling, printing & plastics marketing agendas. The sale is all about the features – be it ‘green’, reusable or functional.

That being true, imagine what creative marketing ideas will blossom from knowing just how intricate and versatile the packaging, labelling & plastics industries have become.

Propak Cape 2017 is now as much for Innovators & Creatives as it is for quality control & warehouse managers. Register now to see how Propak Cape 2017 will allow you to market your products effectively!


Quality Control Managers

The role entails ensuring quality to the end-user & this is where packaging plays the most important role.

Yes, the product, production line & supply chains must be efficient, maintained & optimised but quality to the end-user is largely dependent on secure packaging.

To maintain quality & brand equity; packaging & labelling has become an integral part of every quality control managers remit of work challenges. Make sure to visit Propak Cape 2017 to get a handle on how much the latest innovation in packaging, labelling & plastics can improve your final product & secure the quality of the customer-product-experience.


R&D Teams

Research & Development is possibly the most important team in any business. How can a business build on success without building-up & doubling-down on previous product wins?

The consumer-centric world now dictates that R&D teams not only focus their skills into products themselves but how to make the packaging & labelling become part of the product-experience.

Knowing the limitations or very likely the limitless opportunity the plastics, packaging & labelling industry offer to R&D teams takes a ton of guesswork out of the equation & allows for immediate testing or even immediate implementation. Move forward with the progressive options available at Propak Cape 2017.


Essential show information

Propak Cape 2017 is being hosted at Cape Town International Convention Centre between 24-26 October 2017 & is co-hosted with the Wine & Olive Oil Production Expo.

This expo will open a world of innovation in the packaging, food processing, plastics, printing & labelling industries only seen in Cape Town every 3 years.

Register here for FREE Entry to Propak Cape 2017 & the Wine & Olive Oil Production Expo.

Doors are open daily between 9AM – 5PM & you can stay connected to the build-up & with all of the daily happenings of the show via Propak Cape 2017 Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn pages.