Propak Cape: 6 industry showcases conveniently within 1 venue

Packaging, Food Processing, Plastics, Print, Labelling

& the NEW Wine & Olive Production Expo

all at Propak Cape 2017

Propak Cape 2017 is your chance to experience this premier packaging & related industries trade exhibition in the Mother City. It’s back in Cape Town three years after the last Propak Cape held in 2014: if you miss the event this year, you’ll have to wait another three years as the next edition will be hosted in Cape Town in 2020. If that’s not enough reason to come see the advancements that have taken place within the packaging industry over the past three years, then perhaps a view as to what’s on show will help convince you.

This year Propak Cape 2017 will focus on five packaging related showcases & we are launching a brand-new Wine & Olive Oil Production Expo as a sixth. The Western Cape is the perfect home for Propak Cape considering the amount of agricultural produce that the Cape packages & exports all over the world. It’s little wonder that the region is heavily reliant on the packaging & associated industries. Come & see what’s on view.



Consumers don’t buy products just for the packaging but it definitely influences purchasing decisions. Not only does packaging protect the contents, it also brands a product and communicates marketing messages. You want to know what’s new in packaging? Then Propak Cape 2017 is the place for you.

Think containers & components. Packaging materials. Packaging & ancillary machinery. End-of-line equipment. Products, equipment & machinery that could keep you ahead of your game. So register today and look to streamlining your operations.



You want food processing & colourants? How about mixers, blenders & beverage processing… then your port-of-call is at Propak Cape 2017. Choice is important to consumers & the ability to provide options will set businesses apart.

Making a move toward improving your food processing ability will not only boost productivity but can positively affect sales & bottom line too. Make sure to register today & capitalise on the Food Processing players being hosted together under the same roof.



For all your plastics needs – look no further than Propak Cape 2017. So much of today’s packaging aids in transportation & sales: from packaging design to the recyclable nature of your packaging. The majority of end-user packaging is made up of plastics & this drives sustainability & recycling to the forefront of this expo’s thinking.

From moulds to processing aids & alternative materials; not only will they help your brand stand out with superb packaging but will also satisfy the need ‘to-go-green’.



Imagine your brand without artwork… it would be nothing, invisible to the world of consumers!

The simple act of printing brings your brand image to life. Be it the packaging or the label, when you consider the importance that printing plays in the distribution of goods globally it is easy to understand why printing is an important showcase at Propak Cape 2017.

With this year’s theme focussing on Sustainability there’s even more to find out about the advancement of materials, labelling equipment & finishing products. Register here now for FREE entrance to Propak Cape 2017.



From labels to scanning & printing machines, there’s so much happening in the world of labelling. Propak Cape 2017 will be host to labelling specialists who are ready to promote the advancements in labelling options.

Labelling is branding & the materials used in today’s fast-paced but eco-friendly world play as much of a role in purchasing decisions as does the product itself; this makes labelling possibly one of the most important aspects to any branding decision.



Bringing wine and olive oil production and supply into the spotlight, this is the platform for growers and producers of wine & olive oil, oenologists, wine & olive oil retailers & wholesalers, plus industrialists who are building on the regions natural climate that makes the Cape a perfect wine & olive oil producing area.

The Western Cape is a premium producer & exporter of wine to the world and packaging plays a massive role in this endeavour which makes the Wine & Olive Oil Production Expo perfect bedfellows with Propak Cape 2017. Add to that the growing number of olive oil producers from the region & we have the perfect mix. Registration is FREE online & will allow entry to #PropakCape together with the #WOOPExpo.


Essential show information

Propak Cape 2017 is being held between 24-26 October 2017 at the Cape Town International Convention Centre. Alongside Propak Cape 2017 is the newly launched Wine & Olive Oil Production Expo which promises to attract a new & exciting set of visitors.

Registration is FREE when you pre-register online & a single registration badge will allow entry to #PropakCape together with the #WOOPExpo.

Doors are open daily between 9am – 5pm & you can stay abreast of all the daily happenings & build-up to the world-class show via Propak Cape 2017 Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn pages.