The Launch of the Local Manufacturing Exhibition 2019

Local Manufacturing Expo

The South African Capital Equipment Export Council (SACEEC), in association with Specialised Exhibitions Montgomery is proud to announce the launch of the Local Manufacturing Exhibition 2019 (LME).

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Are your billboards serving a higher purpose?

At Madex, we’ve fostered a culture of giving back to the community. So, when it came to seeing what we could do to make a difference in conjunction to our Madex shows earlier this year, we had to ask ourselves – “how do we give back and bring in a marketing element?”

Something we found to be particularly relevant to Madex, the marketing focused expo, was that fact that Street Sleeper uses one of the industry’s loudest ‘voices’ – the advertising billboard – and upcycles them into survival sleeping bags for people on the streets.

Madex was proud to be able to give warmth to 25 homeless people to combat Cape Town’s often harsh weather through Street Sleeper. Street Sleeper is a non-profit organisation based in Cape Town using innovation to tackle the social and environmental challenges facing the homeless community.

Billboards are destined for the landfill after a campaign, but through upcycling it becomes a treasured possession for a person who is destitute. It really is remarkable, and we’d like to encourage more marketers to gift a bag or encourage their outdoor advertising agency to donate their billboards to Street Sleeper.

By working with Street Sleeper, the negative impact of the waste is transformed into immediate relief for those on the street giving your billboards a higher purpose.

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