MicroStep South Africa: Your Partner for Cutting and Automation

What do we do?


MicroStep Group was established in 1991 in Slovakia, Bratislava. The owners were Professors in the mechanical design, electrical and computer control faculties. (To date more than 2200 machines have been successfully installed). With this background and an unbeatable drive to succeed they have combined their theoretical know-how to be one of the world leaders in the design and manufacturing of CNC cutting machines. MicroStep incorporates the following technologies:

  • Fibre Laser,
  • Extreme definition Plasma,
  • High Pressure Water-jet,
  • Oxyfuel,
  • Routers

MicroStep South Africa was established by Ludwig Oellermann in 2014 with MicroStep Slovakia and Germany as shareholders. We as a subsidiary are proud to be associated with this legacy and have installed close to 80 MicroStep Systems in the Southern African market. In addition to the above, MicroStep South Africa also supply and service the following fabrication solutions to complement our range. In so doing our customers are able to have their entire operation in-house.

This enables our customers to save time and costs and by relying only on one company to assist with servicing and support of these machines a guaranteed superior quality and  peace of mind:

  • Press Brakes
  • Guillotines
  • Sheet Rollers
  • Dished end forming machines
  • Welding booms and manipulators
  • I-beam welding
  • Laser welding
  • Generators
  • Extractors

MicroStep has a dedicated team for sales and after-sales personal to ensure that the following solutions can be offered with exceptional professionalism.

  • Flat sheet Cutting
  • 3D Cutting
  • Tube Cutting
  • Marking: Micro punch, Laser, Plasma, Inkjet
  • Profile Cutting: I-Beam, U-Channel, Angle, Square ext.
  • Tapping and Drilling
  • Scanning/Reverse Engineering
  • Bending and Rolling
To ensure that your asset is optimally functioning right from the outset and to give you years of reliable service we offer the following:
  • Preventative maintenance services
  • Scheduled bi-annual services
  • Factory optimization
  • Readily available consumables and spare parts
  • Financing options
  • BEE structuring

Laser Welding:  There are almost no limits for possible applications of laser welding.

MicroStep SA is the dealer for Alphalaser, Germany. Their laser systems help improve production quality and process reliability. Their objective is to make welding more accurate and faster.

The good controllability of laser energy allows welding of materials with high melting points or high conductivity.

  • Advantages over usual welding techniques:
  • Very little or no deformation
  • High mechanical strength of welded seams
  • Slim and flat welding seams
  • Contactless welding, without effects of mechanical force

Laser Cleaning and Surface Preparation: Laser surface de-coating/paint stripping and rust removal are used as a cost effective and environmental friendly alternative to conventional abrasive or chemical processes. MicroStep SA together with IPG will be showcasing this revolutionary technology.

Laser paint stripping in the aviation industry, mold cleaning in the tire, food and other industries, selective coating removal prior to welding or soldering of parts are most common applications.

Architectural applications, such as building façade cleaning and art work restoration have also been demonstrated

ABP (Additional Beveling Process): Herewith MicroStep introduces our latest novelty – the brand new ABP technology (Additional beveling process) for additional cutting of beveled edges on straight pre-cut parts. The process enables accurate automated preparation of welding surfaces on parts pre-cut on other machines and/or using other cutting technologies (e.g. oxyfuel) or on parts with thickness beyond the capacity of the particular plasma source for direct beveling (e.g. part thickness of mild steel > 70 mm).

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Hall 6 Stand J10 at MTA17

Machine Tools Africa 2017 is being hosted at Expo Centre Nasrec on 9-12 May 2017. For further queries please email info@machinetoolsafrica.co.za

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Putting Social Media to work for Your Brand

Startup Stock Photo

When considering whether Social Media can help to gain recognition and increase the reach of your brand, it will help your decision making by considering the following facts:

  • As of the fourth quarter of 2016, Facebook had 1.86 billion monthly active users
  • LinkedIn had 467 million users at the end of the third quarter of 2016
  • 317 million monthly active users leveraged Twitter as of the end of 2016
  • Every day there are more than 500 million Tweets and 4.5 billion likes on Facebook.

Alongside traditional marketing methodologies, social media has clearly come into its own as a business growth tool.

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How to Maximise Your Time at Hostex 2017!


Enjoy every moment at #Hostex17

We at Hostex 2017 Powering Food & Hospitality Africa know that both Visitors & Exhibitors alike absolutely love the Visitor Attractions at each year’s showcase. 2017 is no exception, be sure to indulge in our 5 Course Tasting Menu! This year we will have you drooling over the Visitor Attractions, not to mention the best turndown service highlighting hospitality in the shape of competitions & events.

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Hostex 2017 in Numbers!


Let the Stats do the talking

We can wax lyrical about the value of being on #Hostex17 or one of the five co-hosted events. We know the 30-year relationship Food & Hospitality Africa & Hostex has had with both South African and African industry leaders will bring attract the feet by sheer reputation for quality.

But all the hype in the world won’t speak as much volume as the sheer facts – especially for those first time visitors, exhibitors or those wishing to connect via Social Media.

Quality is Key

At Hostex powering Food & Hospitality Africa we pay very close attention to who is coming through our doors. This is who they are who they are:

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Hostex 2017 Visitors’ Guide


Powering Food & Hospitality Africa

Africa, are you ready? If Hostex 2016 was anything to go by – the 2017 showcase is going to blow your mind!

4000 square meters of floor space will play host to over 300 exhibitors from over 25 different countries!

Never before has the African continent had so much Food & Hospitality expertise under a single roof. This is your chance to experience it, learn from it & build your dreams upon it… welcome to the Hostex 2017 Visitors’ Guide 101!

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A 5-course wine-pairing menu


Five reasons to visit Hostex 2017

Power your way through the menu by getting to grips with the showcase events on offer this year at Hostex 2017. Combining events drives visitors, brings audiences together & highlights the powerful nature of the hospitality business in Africa.

We as – Hostex powering Food & Hospitality Africa – are more than delighted to offer our exhibitors & visitors these five dedicated focus-shows within the main event.

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