Local packaging industry focuses on responding to global trends to position for future growth

The African continent will become a high growth region for the packaging industry, with demand being driven by increased markets for consumer products, growing individual incomes, and an expanding population of youthful consumers.

The South African packaging industry, and those operating in African markets, will need to meet the challenges posed by trends in the global consumer packaging market in order to take advantage of this growing industry. Some of these global consumer trends include an increase in demand for premium packaging, the emergence of biodegradable plastics, the increased use of multipacks and small packs, and a need for sustainability and innovation.

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Industry leaders to brainstorm on sustainability of the local packaging industry

The recent drought facing the Western Cape has highlighted the importance of sustainability and the preservation of precious resources. Packaging plays an important role in the prevention of food waste, thereby preserving all the resources investing in growing and producing the product. Quality packaging can dramatically extend a products shelf life, helping to save consumers money and prevent waste.

This year’s Packaging Indaba will focus on the sustainability of the packaging, plastics and printing value chains. The event will highlight how South Africa’s top retailers and brand owners are incorporating sustainable packaging into their products and reducing waste.

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New technology key to success in African packaging market

Companies wishing to take advantage of growth in the African packaging market in the future will need to remain adaptable, ready to meet changes in global consumer demand. Growing consumer demand will dictate that companies come up with solutions that are both innovative and sustainable, and making use of new technologies will be key to making this possible.

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What’s New at Propak Cape 2017?

Propak Cape 2017 presents business owners and their teams the opportunity to be in-the-know regarding industry trends and advances in technology. It does not matter if you are just starting out or have been in the business for decades; The Propak Cape 2017 Expo has something for you! This year we are doing something extra special by combining 6 shows into 1 to provide a holistic spectrum of solutions!

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Propak Cape 2017 Visitors’ Guide 101

The Whole Package

Welcome to Propak Cape 2017! Join industry experts in packaging, plastics, printing, labelling, marketing and more at this Industry Exposition that allows everyone to engage, explore and discover!

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Polyoak Packaging (Pty) Ltd at PropakCape

Polyoak Packaging has launched a new division, Dairypack Cartons, specialising in the marketing and distribution of aseptic packaging systems in Southern Africa, in exclusive partnership with IPI.

IPI is a full system supplier that has been providing fully integrated filling machines, multilayer packaging and closure solutions for the aseptic packaging of liquid products in multilayer structure for over 35 years. The company forms part of Coesia, a group of innovation-based companies operating globally and headquartered in Bologna, Italy.

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Packaging conference and free-to-attend seminars at Propak Cape

Business decision-makers, purchasing influencers and other industry professionals will be heading to Propak Cape in October. As the Western Cape’s premier packaging, food processing, plastics, printing and labelling trade exhibition, visitors will be looking for the latest products, technologies and services as well as to network, develop supplier relationships and engage with industry organisations.

Taking place at the Cape Town International Conference Centre (CTICC) from 24-26 October, Propak Cape will enable visitors to connect with over 200 local and international exhibitors, gain access to technical experts on the stands and have the opportunity to view live demonstrations of products and machinery. Visitors will also benefit from the daily programme of informative free-to-attend seminars *.

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Who should visit Propak Cape 2017

Mix with these industry experts & decision makers

Packaging today is more than a means to transport your goods; it is also a tool to promote, display, sell & make your product readily-available to your target market.

One should not overlook the importance of packaging, branding nor how the type of packaging, labelling or materials influence the decision to purchase.

With that in mind the spectrum of who should visit Propak Cape 2017 is actually quite broad. In fact, we feature something for everyone.

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Propak Cape: 6 industry showcases conveniently within 1 venue

Packaging, Food Processing, Plastics, Print, Labelling

& the NEW Wine & Olive Production Expo

all at Propak Cape 2017

Propak Cape 2017 is your chance to experience this premier packaging & related industries trade exhibition in the Mother City. It’s back in Cape Town three years after the last Propak Cape held in 2014: if you miss the event this year, you’ll have to wait another three years as the next edition will be hosted in Cape Town in 2020. If that’s not enough reason to come see the advancements that have taken place within the packaging industry over the past three years, then perhaps a view as to what’s on show will help convince you.

This year Propak Cape 2017 will focus on five packaging related showcases & we are launching a brand-new Wine & Olive Oil Production Expo as a sixth. The Western Cape is the perfect home for Propak Cape considering the amount of agricultural produce that the Cape packages & exports all over the world. It’s little wonder that the region is heavily reliant on the packaging & associated industries. Come & see what’s on view.

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