Launching at Securex 2017 is a series of technical training courses. Presented by a National ICT trainer, the programme (on 30 May and 1 June) includes four half-day training sessions that will address:

  • IP Surveillance Basics (An introduction to IP CCTV),
  • Surveillance for the entrepreneur,
  • IP surveillance and remote deployment, as well as
  • Storage know-how.

Full course details can be found at www.buildingbrands.co.za.

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Putting Social Media to work for Your Brand

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When considering whether Social Media can help to gain recognition and increase the reach of your brand, it will help your decision making by considering the following facts:

  • As of the fourth quarter of 2016, Facebook had 1.86 billion monthly active users
  • LinkedIn had 467 million users at the end of the third quarter of 2016
  • 317 million monthly active users leveraged Twitter as of the end of 2016
  • Every day there are more than 500 million Tweets and 4.5 billion likes on Facebook.

Alongside traditional marketing methodologies, social media has clearly come into its own as a business growth tool.

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