Register online for FRIGAIR 2018 – it’s free!

Visitor registration is now open for the continent’s only dedicated HVAC&R show, and the first 500 visitors to pre-register will stand a chance to win a portable air conditioner.

FRIGAIR 2018 will take place 6–8 June 2018 at Gallagher Convention Centre in Midrand, drawing industry professionals from all levels, including consulting engineers, contractors, architects, developers, government officials, and many more. Make sure you diarise this important date now — it only comes around once every three years.

Register online now and stand a chance to win one of two portable air conditioners. The first 500 registered visitors will be entered into the draw. The competition ends 31 March 2018. Ts&Cs apply. Visit for more information.

Registration is free for all visitors and if you pre-register online, you can simply show up on the day to check out all that the local (and international) HEVAC&R sector has to offer. With so much to see and so much to do, even if you do not win the prize, you are still a winner!

The show is selling out fast with about 90% of exhibition floor space already sold out. You can visit the FRIGAIR Exhibition website at to see a comprehensive list of all the exhibitors that have signed up so far. It truly will be a who’s who of our industry.

Three ASHRAE speakers have also been confirmed for this calendar highlight, but we will tell you more about that in the next edition — so watch this space.

Avoid the rush and pre-register online now for the FRIGAIR Exhibition 2018.

Credit: Specialised Exhibitions

Book your stand!

You can still book your stand, although space is selling out fast. Contact the exhibition manager, Dale Macnamara, at or on +27 (0) 11 579 4940. You can also contact Paul Engelbrecht, sales representative, at or on +27 (0) 76 455 9528.

FRIGAIR gains support of HVAC&R heavyweights

The FRIGAIR Expo 2018 organisers are excited to announce that the show is more than 80% sold out, with many big names (locally and internationally) coming on board to showcase their brands. Whether you want to exhibit or attend, make sure you do not miss out!

The excitement for next year’s exhibition is being felt far and wide in the industry — not just locally, but abroad as well. Following the great success of the 2015 show, everyone is excited about the upcoming event to show off the latest and greatest the HVAC&R suppliers have to offer.

The show is selling out fast with only a few more spots on the floorplan currently still being finalised. Some of the most recent companies to sign up for FRIGAIR 2018 include Johnson Controls, Seeley International, A-Gag, ebm-papst, Imperial/Clivet, and Energy Partners. Even the local wholesalers like Eurocool, Metraclark and TecsaReco are on board. You can visit the FRIGAIR Exhibition website at to see a comprehensive list of all the exhibitors that have signed up so far.

Regardless of their stand size, exhibitors are already planning their exhibition space and stand build-up, with an overwhelming majority choosing to build their own stand instead of taking the shell-scheme option.

Limited space is still available, but it’s not too late yet to come on board for the local market’s biggest dedicated HVAC&R show.

FRIGAIR 2018 will take place 6–8 June 2018 at Gallagher Convention Centre in Midrand, drawing industry professionals from all levels, including consulting engineers, contractors, architects, developers, government officials and many more.

Visit for more information and to see what is new as the time draws nearer for another epic FRIGAIR show.

Credit: Specialised Exhibitions

Book your stand!

You can still book your stand, although space is selling out fast. Contact the exhibition manager, Dale Macnamara, at or on +27 (0) 11 579 4940. You can also contact Paul Engelbrecht, sales representative, at or on +27 (0) 76 455 9528.

ASHRAE speakers confirmed for FRIGAIR 2018 – book now!

FRIGAIR 2018 will once again fly in three world-class ASHRAE speakers to present topical short courses during the show. Register now and earn CPD points.

Specialised Exhibitions, Interact Media Defined (IMD), and the South African Institute of Refrigeration and Air Conditioning (SAIRAC) are proud to announce that industry can once again look forward to ASHRAE short courses at the upcoming FRIGAIR Expo 2018.

The three-hour-long short courses will be taking place at the FRIGAIR exhibition venue at the Gallagher Convention Centre in Midrand on the Wednesday and the Thursday of the show (6–7 June 2018). Bookings are essential as space is limited and space will be allocated on a first-come-first-served basis.

The three courses will be as follows:


(Wednesday, 6 June 2018, 09:00–12:00)

This advanced course discusses the design and operation of HVAC systems for health care facilities. The course details the relationship of infection control and HVAC design, including application of ASHRAE’s HVAC Design Manual for Hospitals and Clinics, Second Edition, and ANSI/ASHRAE/ASHE Standard 170-2017 Ventilation of Health Care Facilities. The course details the key elements of high-performing health care HVAC systems, including infection control, comfort, reliability, safety, maintenance, energy, and flexibility. In the instructor’s experience, engineers are regularly asked to troubleshoot systems they have designed, thus operation and maintenance issues are covered. The methods by which the HVAC system can mitigate or exacerbate airborne infections is covered, as this is the purpose of ANSI/ASHRAE/ASHE Standard 170. Numerous energy conservation strategies are discussed in the context of achieving the goals of a high-performing hospital. Included is valuable information on sequences, psychrometrics, and lessons learned on setback of temperature and airflow, as well as how these factors relate to temperature, relative humidity, air exchange, filtration, and pressurisation requirements. Design of operating suites, isolation rooms, labs, pharmacies, sterile processing, and imaging suites is covered briefly in the final hour.


Instructor bio: Daniel Koenigshofer is the vice-president for Health Care at Dewberry Engineers Inc. He has over 35 years of engineering and project management experience, specialising in master planning, troubleshoot  ing, and solving engineering problems in health care facilities. Koenigshofer has presented numerous training sessions on health care design, both nationally and internationally, at seminars sponsored by the NC Department of Energy, NC Hospital Energy Association, Corps of Engineers, ASHE, and ASHRAE. In addition, he has taught classes for the ASHRAE Learning Institute in over 25 major cities worldwide, using entertaining stories of “mistakes he has made” in engineering. Koenigshofer has written dozens of articles for national magazines and is a member of numerous national hospital engineering committees, and one of his most notable accomplishments was his dual role as the editor-in-chief and principal author of the 2013 ASHRAE book, HVAC Design Manual for Hospitals and Clinics.



(Thursday, 7 June 2018, 13:00–16:00)

This course focuses on the basic application of relevant ASHRAE resources, such as Standards 90.1, 55, 62.1, and 189.1, and the ASHRAE Green Guide, to achieve high-performance building design. The course explains the differences in purpose and requirements between these various standards, and provides recommendations on the selection of which requirements to adopt into a building project, assuming it is not under the jurisdiction of Standard 189.1 but the design team still wanted to achieve a reasonable degree of ‘high-performance building design’. Course content should be suitable for architects and engineers.

Instructor bio: Dr Tom Lawrence is a senior public service associate and coordinator for the mechanical engineering degree programme at the University of Georgia, and he has 30+ years of professional engineering experience. Before going back for his PhD in mechanical engineering, he spent approximately 20 of those years in industry and consulting. Dr Lawrence is a member of the ASHRAE board of directors, past chair of ASHRAE Technical Committee 2.8 Building Environmental Impact and Sustainability, and a member of the committee that wrote ASHRAE Standard 189.1 on high-performance green buildings. As an ASHRAE distinguished lecturer, he gives presentations and workshops on green building design around the world. He is the chair of the editorial committee that will produce the 5th edition of the ASHRAE Green Guide. Dr Lawrence has a B.S. with highest distinction honours in environmental science from Purdue University, M.S. in mechanical engineering from Oregon State University, and a second M.S. degree in engineering management from Washington University. He received a PhD in mechanical engineering from Purdue University, with a research topic focused on demand control ventilation.


(Wednesday, 6 June 2018, 13:00—16:00)

VRF systems are now becoming increasingly utilised across the world. This course provides non-manufacturer-specific concepts of the unique operational characteristics of VRF systems and how to apply VRF systems to a wide range of building types. The course supplements the fundamental VRF technology information in the 2016 ASHRAE Handbook—HVAC Systems and Equipment by offering comprehensive VRF system design and application guidance, using building-specific scenarios. This course is geared to mechanical engineers, design-build contractors, consulting engineers, HVAC system designers, and facility engineers.


Instructor bio: Dr Hesham Safwat has many years of experience in the industry and in applied engineering science. His expertise includes sustainability practices and green buildings, especially with geothermal ground-source heat pumps and energy as well as atmosphere concerns for leadership in energy and environmental design (LEED) for Middle Eastern commercial projects. Prior to joining the British University in Egypt in 2014 as lecturer in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Dr Hesham served as both instructor and technical manager for Miraco Carrier, where he was responsible for chillers, air handing units, fan coil selection, and pricing. Dr Hesham has extensive knowledge in HVAC design and energy modeling, HAP LEED courses, high-performance building, ASHRAE Standard 62.1, and ASHRAE Standard 90.1.


Book your spot!

To confirm your seat for any of these short courses, contact Ilana Koegelenberg at or on +27 (0) 11 579 4940. Space is limited, so book your spot now.

Costs are to be announced, but SAIRAC members will be able to book at a discounted rate.

Exhibitors are excited about FRIGAIR 2018

After the hugely successful FRIGAIR Expo 2015, next year’s show is already getting a lot of attention, with many of the 2015 exhibitors already signed up.

The sold-out 2015 FRIGAIR Expo boasted 140 exhibitors, representing not only the local HVAC&R market, but also huge international players.

Months of planning (in some cases, years) culminated in the memorable event that took place at the Gallagher Convention Centre in Midrand, Johannesburg, from 3 to 5 June 2015. The show was hugely successful, drawing 4 470 visitors from far and wide over the three show days.

A lot of hard work went into building the stands as exhibitors pulled out all the stops to stand out from the crowd. It all came together brilliantly in the end, looking as professional as many of the huge international trade shows.

From early on in the expo already, the stands were a hive of activity as exhibitors drew crowds in with everything from lucky draws to free gifts and coffee. Exhibitors really went the extra mile to reach their customers and the hard work paid off.

Live music and launches and even partnership signings — FRIGAIR 2015 was the time for it all. Not to mention all the supplier events that took place in the evenings. The show really was an industry highlight of note.

Even though there is still some time to go until FRIGAIR 2018, industry is already excited about the show. Many have even started planning their stand.

The organisers are positive that FRIGAIR 2018 will be just as successful as, if not more so, the 2015 event. So, make sure you do not miss out and diarise 6–8 June 2018 — we will see you at Gallagher in Midrand!

The floor plan is filling up quickly with exhibitors old and new, with more companies coming on board every day to ensure that they do not miss out on this HVAC&R calendar highlight. There is still space left, but it is selling out fast. Anyone who is still interested in booking their spot should get in touch with the sales team. Don’t blow hot and cold on this one: use this excellent opportunity to generate sales, gain valuable sales leads, and develop business connections.

Visit for more information and to see what’s new as the time draws nearer for another epic FRIGAIR.


Book your stand!

You can still book your stand, although space is selling out fast. Contact the exhibition manager, Dale Macnamara, at or on +27 (0) 11 579 4940. You can also contact Paul Engelbrecht, sales representative, at or on +27 (0) 76 455 9528.

What we learnt at Madex 2017 – Part 3

The hunger hasn’t disappeared since Madex 2017. I’m still chasing the next innovation, but the fever has spread from Madex to my personal life too. I know what I want, and I’m not afraid to ask for it. 

When I was told we would be launching Madex, the ultimate marketing expo, and that I was going to be the marketing manager responsible for it, I can’t tell you if I was more excited or nervous for the challenge!

There was something different about Madex, the expectations and challenges. I was expected to lead, and to be ahead of the curve. What is a marketing show without key direction from the marketing department? This role had never been me, but suddenly I found I had an appetite for ambition, challenges and to a degree, leadership. I learnt new skills, one of them being a little bit of bossiness, for which I apologise to my team!

This was the show that I could unleash a whole lot of creativity on – and suddenly I was an artist with a blank canvas. We had bright colours, chalk  and dinosaurs! It was a circus, choreographed into an almost perfect mismatch of marketing magic.

The team set out to prove a point, I think both personally and professionally. I believe that the fact that Madex was so much more than just an exhibition is what gave it the learning curve. We were forced to adapt, sink or swim.

We faced rejection. We learnt to move on.
We dealt with people. We had to learn patience and empathy.
We had ideas go wrong. We learnt to gracefully pick up the pieces and learn from our mistakes.
We were successful in some aspects. We celebrated, and then figured out (maybe) how to be better.
We were criticised. We had to learn humility, take what was being said and figure out a better way to achieve it.
We had partners, companies and people that believed in us; and I believe that we didn’t let them down.

The hunger hasn’t disappeared since Madex 2017. I’m still chasing the next innovation, but the fever has spread from Madex to my personal life too. I know what I want (most of the time), and I’m not afraid to ask for it.

~ Natasha Heiberg, Marketing Manager

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What we learnt at Madex 2017 – Part 2

Madex 2017 was the first exhibition I worked on by myself without the operations director to guide me, or one of my operations colleagues assisting me. I felt the pressure throughout. I had to prove to myself that I could do this, and I did.

I must say working with creatives is not easy. Their responses are usually delayed (especially when it had anything to do with admin!) But, I managed to take a bit of their creativity away with me, and by the end of the exhibition I noticed that my colour coordination had really improved for one!

I also became a better team player because I was dependent on my team members’ input throughout the exhibition; my communication skills improved as well. I became more efficient and confident; I think maybe it’s because I was around so many marketing gurus! They have a really confident swag and look about them.

I learnt how to be patient, really patient, especially with people. The colourful exciting vibe I walked into daily at Madex made the pressure all worth it.  Working with different characters on this exhibition improved my problem solving skills; I can even handle my crazy kids better at home!  This was not my first exhibition but it was the first one that let me be myself on a personal and professional level.

I grew as an individual this is one success and achievement I will carry with me for a long time. I still get a high from the adrenaline, pressure and successes of Madex 2017. Madex 2018 is going to be even better!

~Botsane Phetla, Client Services

Botsane Phetla – Client Services

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What we learnt at Madex 2017: Part 1

Madex 2017 was the first edition of the ultimate marketing, advertising, design, social media, eventing and all that good stuff expo. It had to tick many boxes and jump through a lot of hoops to go live, but in the end our team was able to pull it off.

That very same team is already working hard on the 2018 edition, and hoping to tick a few more boxes where we could perhaps improve on last year. As is customary in January, we all look both forwards and backwards. Our team wanted to share what we learnt from working on Madex 2017.

Madex was a challenge to our team, it took a life of its own. We made mistakes, we fumbled while we found our feet and we were forced outside of our boxes.

Here is what I learnt at Madex:

  1. There is always room for improvement, we can always do better and we need to carry on with the pursuit of greatness!
  2. Our visitors are the best sounding boards providing crucial feedback about if we have hit the mark… or missed it!
  3. Exhibitor innovation is the key to our own innovation – by tapping into theirs, we were able to forge our own.
  4. If content is king, delivering on exhibitor and visitor expectations is queen

~ Nick Sarnadas, the Event Director

Nick Sarnadas - the Event Director
Nick Sarnadas – the Event Director


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Securex celebrates 25 years of excellence!

2018 will see the Securex South Africa show commemorate its silver anniversary – celebrating 25 strong years within the local security and fire protection industry.

In the spirit of all things 25, we thought we’d share 25 compelling reasons to become a Securex South Africa 2018 exhibitor over five instalments.

Here are your first five:

  1. Showcase your products and services beyond SA’s borders
    Securex not only appeals to local visitors – the 2017 expo drew in attendees from 27 countries outside of South Africa.
  2. Meeting face-to-face is the ultimate customer experience
    You will have access to over 5 000 visitors over three days. Where else can you gain this level of direct engagement, bringing like-minded buyers and sellers together, all under one roof?
  3. Introduce new solutions to a captive audience
    There’s no better time or place to introduce a new product than at Securex 2018; your audience has come to you, now it’s time to tell them all about your innovative new offering.
  4. Recruit new distributors and dealers for your product
    Don’t work directly with the end user? Having a presence at Securex allows you to grow your channel base.
  5. A valuable networking tool
    Trade shows provide a great opportunity to not only meet new potential customers within the industry. They also offer a chance to build on existing relationships and to chat to your sector peers.

For more information on how to book your space at Securex South Africa 2018, visit, or contact Zelda Jordaan, exhibition manager, or Grant Bydawell, sales executive, on tel: +27 (0)11 835 1565.

Written by Nicola Read

PR Representative for Securex South Africa

The Launch of the Local Manufacturing Exhibition 2019

Local Manufacturing Expo

The South African Capital Equipment Export Council (SACEEC), in association with Specialised Exhibitions Montgomery is proud to announce the launch of the Local Manufacturing Exhibition 2019 (LME).

Continue reading “The Launch of the Local Manufacturing Exhibition 2019”

Are your billboards serving a higher purpose?

At Madex, we’ve fostered a culture of giving back to the community. So, when it came to seeing what we could do to make a difference in conjunction to our Madex shows earlier this year, we had to ask ourselves – “how do we give back and bring in a marketing element?”

Something we found to be particularly relevant to Madex, the marketing focused expo, was that fact that Street Sleeper uses one of the industry’s loudest ‘voices’ – the advertising billboard – and upcycles them into survival sleeping bags for people on the streets.

Madex was proud to be able to give warmth to 25 homeless people to combat Cape Town’s often harsh weather through Street Sleeper. Street Sleeper is a non-profit organisation based in Cape Town using innovation to tackle the social and environmental challenges facing the homeless community.

Billboards are destined for the landfill after a campaign, but through upcycling it becomes a treasured possession for a person who is destitute. It really is remarkable, and we’d like to encourage more marketers to gift a bag or encourage their outdoor advertising agency to donate their billboards to Street Sleeper.

By working with Street Sleeper, the negative impact of the waste is transformed into immediate relief for those on the street giving your billboards a higher purpose.

Be an awesome human and support